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Cranes specialists in Anchorage, AK

Alaska Crane Ltd. prides itself in operating the most modern and responsive mobile crane fleet in Alaska and has a variety of cranes available to meet diverse lifting and hoisting needs, from setting a small hot tub, to lifting a 130,000-pound transformer.

Parent company STG, Inc., an Anchorage-based heavy industry contractor, has provided construction services and management across the state of Alaska since 1991. In 2001, STG, Inc. purchased an established crane business, recognizing that the services it provided locally would be compatible with, and complementary to, its rural work.
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Company owners renamed the newly-purchased business Alaska Crane, Ltd., and began the process of upgrading its equipment fleet. Owners James and Sandy St. George take an active part in the administrative, managerial and regulatory sides of both businesses.

Today Alaska Crane owns and operates professionally-certified cranes ranging from a 28-ton boom truck to a 150-ton DeMag Hydraulic All-Terrain crane with boom capacity of 197 feet and 52 feet of jib.
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Alaska Crane also operates several larger cranes owned by parent company, STG, Inc. on an as-needed basis, including 160-ton and 250-ton Kobelco crawler cranes with up to 300 feet and 350 feet of boom respectively, a 130-ton Terex rough-terrain crane with 227 feet of boom and jib, and a Liebherr LR 1600/2 with a 660-ton capacity and 360 feet of boom. Other configurations are available upon request.

Alaska Crane caters to the construction, mechanical and telecommunications industries, performing jobs such as setting trusses, lifting steel beams or rooftop units into place, and setting communications towers; the company also does a wide variety of jobs for private individuals such as setting hot tubs, cradling boats, and lifting floatplanes.